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Humanitarian Charter (Sphere Handbook)
Learn about the humanitarian charter and minimum standards in humanitarian response and how to implement them.
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The Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response (Sphere Project) are considered the de facto standard for effectiveness and accountability in humanitarian response.

This training is a three-day course covering the principles, core program approaches and technical standards of humanitarian response based on the Sphere Handbook 2011 edition (with reference to the updates in the 2018 draft edition).

This engaging and practical training focuses on the use of the standards in addressing challenges across each of the technical sectors: Water and Sanitation, Food Security and Nutrition, Shelter and Logistics, and Health as well as cross-cutting themes of participatory design and humanitarian protection.

Target Audience:

This training is designed for both program management staff and technical specialists wanting to understand use of the Sphere standards in international and domestic contexts.

This training is also for those who want to start a career in Humanitarian Response. As it covers the Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response in the various technical sectors.

What you'll learn

•    Be aware of the Humanitarian Charter principles and how they apply in the field.
•    Understand the structure and content of the Sphere handbook as a tool for disaster response.
•    Recognize how to interpret and use the minimum standards, key indicators and guidance notes
•    Be able to apply the material in the technical chapters to four of common problems in the field.


The training outline is as follows:

•   Welcome and Introductions (Sphere Story).

•   What is Sphere?, Humanitarian Charter, and Core Standers.

•    Problems in WASH.
•    Using the Minimum Standards in WASH.
•    Problems in Food Security & Nutrition.
•    Using the Minimum Standards in F,S&N.

•    Problems in Shelter, Settlement and NFI.
•    Using the Minimum Standards in Shelter, Settlement and NFI.
•    Problems in Health Action.
•    Using the minimum Standards in Health Action.


About Sphere Project:

Established in 1997, The Sphere Project is a voluntary initiative that brings a wide range of humanitarian agencies together around a common aim - to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance and the accountability of humanitarian actors to their constituents, donors and affected populations.

The Sphere Handbook, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response, is one of the most widely known and internationally recognized sets of common principles and universal minimum standards in life-saving areas of humanitarian response.

Trainer Profile:

Marwan S. Taher has a medical background with high diploma in Public Health and more than 5 years of experience in the humanitarian field. He was invited for extensive trainings and seminars in the University of Maryland - USA in August 2016, SERAH Institute – Geneva in March 2017 and Barcelona, Spain in Nov 2017. He is currently the Advisor to the Head of Mission for one of the biggest emergency response organizations in Yemen.

  • Length
    5 Full-Days
  • Effort
    09:00 pm - 11:59 pm
  • Fees
  • Subject
    Humanitarian Response
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Humanitarian Charter (Sphere Handbook)
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