Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Closed
Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
Learn how to develop deeper understanding in monitoring and evaluation knowledge skills.
About this course

Monitoring & Evaluation is an important pillar of effective management. What gets monitored is more likely to be achieved, as some management experts put it. Such domain of work is not an easy one, though. It requires careful designing of performance indicators from the time of inception of the action until a project is effectively closed. As such, it requires regular methodological checks to ensure that what was meant to be measured is definitively and substantially measured as per plan.

Based on such performance indicators (key performance indicators, i.e. KPIs), or (performance indicators, i.e. PIs), the strategy for next steps after the intervention can be drawn, taking into account the realistic manner with which the results can be achieved. Such initial base of knowledge forms a strong foundation for any project to learn from its mistakes, to allow for continuous development towards better results, and to inspire future thinking not only about how, but also what can be achieved.

Target Audience

Employees of organizations who work either on project management or more specifically on monitoring & evaluation in the field of humanitarian aid or development. It requires that the participants are familiar with monitoring & evaluation in general and has used some tools, at least, related to M&E in their previous position.

Scope of Training

The overall objective of such training is to raise awareness among trainees of the concepts related to M&E to enable them to appreciate, and hence relate, the elements relevant to their jobs concerning monitoring & evaluation. The trainees shall also become sensitized to the importance of M&E in the life of an organization. They shall be aware of the various sample tools that can be used to monitor the various activities, outputs, outcomes or even impact. They shall apply some of this learning in specific practical exercises during the training. Among the aspects to be covered are the differences between the quantitative and the qualitative indicators, the usual logical framework templates and where applicable the theory of change approach to monitoring & evaluation. It shall highlight various ways to develop measurement indicators and to measure them thereafter.

At the end, trainees are expected to be able to work on some specific tools related to their area of specialization or responsibility within the organization.

What you'll learn

By the end of the training course, the attendees of this training will:

  • Understand the various elements related to M&E and how they relate to each other.
  • Understand what makes M&E process effective.
  • Understand barriers to effective M&E planning & implementation as well as means to overcome them.
  • Appreciate the various M&E tools with their capacities & limitations.
  • Apply some of the learning by practical exercises.
  • Become able to use some of those tools and tactics in their daily work.
  • Become able to assess the effectiveness of their M&E process.



The outline of this course is as follows:

  • What do we know about M&E?
  • Important definitions.
  • The importance of M&E.
  • Where do we start? Why?
  • The Problem Tree & Solution Tree Exercise.
  • Similarities & Difference between Monitoring & Evaluation.
  •  Steps to develop M&E plans.
  • M&E common theories.
  • Components of an M&E plan.
  • Are we ready to change the way we work?
  • Basics of developing an M&E plan.
  • How does what in an M&E process.
  • The scope of M&E planning.
  • M&E matrices & how to use them.
  • Participatory M&E.
  • Sample work documents.
  • Various practical exercises on selected templates.

Trainer Profile:

The trainer has experience in various aspects related to the scope of this training as follows:

  • Training experience:

Conducted many training courses on various topics providing such services to some organizations such as: The UN Information Centre; UNDP, Yemen LNG, Oxfam, YLDF, SOUL, SFD, Mwatana & Khadija.

  • M&E experience:
  • Conducted in February 2018 a training workshop on M&E for a humanitarian aid & development project.
  • Conducted a Mid-Term Evaluation exercise on a development project.
  • Performed consultancy services to several NGOs on strategic communications, strategic management & planning, detailed policy development & engineering, as well as other general management issues.


  • Length
    5 Full-Days
  • Effort
    8:45 am - 3:55 pm
  • Fees
    USD 650/person (This price includes two coffee breaks plus lunch)
  • Level
  • Subject
    Project Management
  • Location
    Sana'a Governorate
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Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
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