Procurement Negotiation Skills Closed
Procurement Negotiation Skills
Learn how to make a successful purchase of goods or services while sustaining an effective mutually-beneficial relationship with competent suppliers or service providers.
About this course

Effective procurement requires skills and planning to be achieved. The purpose is not only to make a successful purchase of goods or services, but also to sustain an effective mutually-beneficial relationship with competent suppliers or service providers. This means achieving the best value for money on a medium and long-term basis. One of the important skills in procurement is negotiation. It includes both the financial and non-financial terms of a contract, an agreement or a purchase order. Procurement professionals required to be sensitized to various aspects that can help them improve their negotiation skills, finding the best possible negotiation strategy in dealing with a specific purchase, thereby countering contractors and suppliers’ collisions, unreasonable inflations and monopoly.

What you'll learn

By the end of this training course you will be able to:

  • Sensitize staff to the requirements, skills and important considerations related to procurement negotiations.
  • Sensitize staff to the personal skills required to make effective purchasing.
  • Enable staff to strategize for their purchasing processes.
  • Inform staff of the legal, technical and ethical limitations, considerations and objectives
  • Sensitize staff to the ‘Not to do’ things in procurement negotiations, and hence the common mistakes in the procurement discipline in general.
  • Apply some real-life examples of purchasing requirements and procurement negotiations.
  • Share the knowledge and experiences among the different procurement professionals in Yemen in relation to market status, as well as challenges and opportunities.


The outline of this course is as follows:

  • What is ‘Negotiation’?
  • When to Negotiate?
  • Basics of an effective procurement process
  • Principles and ethical considerations related to procurement
  • What makes an effective purchasing strategy?
  • Win-Win negotiations.
  • Needs, Wants, Interests.
  • Negotiation Framework.
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions.
  • Checks & controls in the procurement business.
  • Internal procedures and guidelines.
  • The stages of negotiation.
  • Market research & purchasing strategies.
  • Barriers to effective negotiations.
  • Face-to-Face vs. remote negotiations.
  • Maneuvering, overcoming tactics in negotiations.
  • Negotiation meetings: setting objectives, performance indicators in multiple scenarios.
  • Countering collision of vendors.
  • Negotiation with sole sources of supplies or services.
  • Power in negotiation: informational, reward, coercive, legitimate, Referent powers.
  • Concessions.
  • Data management in procurement.
  • Post-tender negotiations.
  • Documentation of negotiation outcomes, one-step or milestones.
  • Learning from past experiences & sharing experiences with others.
  • Documenting the agreements.


Trainer Profile

Trainer has personally led major multi-million-dollar deal negotiations with various suppliers & contractors for various types of services. He has worked in several capacities during a period of around twenty years with major international organizations and an oil & gas company in the field of contracting and procurement for goods and services. His last position is the Contracts & Procurement Manager with a major oil company procuring goods and services at the value of around 800 Million US Dollars per year. His position entailed leading the entire supply chain management, including but not limited to: stock management, customs & exemptions, land, sea & air transport of goods to company sites, contracted staff personnel contracts & administration, labor compliance in addition to the direct contracting & procurement domains. His last achievement in March 2015 is obtaining the ISO 9001 certification for the company under his direct leadership.

Deadline: Wed., May., 22nd, 2019
  • Length
    5-full days course
  • Effort
    8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Fees
    USD 650/person [This price includes two coffee breaks plus lunch.
  • Level
  • Subject
    Logistics and Procurement
  • Location
    Sana'a, Yemen
  • Start At
    Sun., June., 16th, 2019
  • End At
    Thu., June., 20th, 2019
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Procurement Negotiation Skills
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