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Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers
Develop your communication skills in Arabic by expanding language skills.
About this course

This training program is designed for Non-Arabic speaker in order to develop their communication skills in Arabic. Beginning with a focus on reading, pronouncing and recognizing Arabic sounds. The training program also introduces trainees to various topics in Arab culture in order to expand language skills, advance vocabulary acquisition, and build toward better proficiency in Arabic language. The aim is to help trainees become able to communicate with others about daily life topics, understand simple texts on familiar topics, and to actively use a vocabulary.

The program provides instruction at different levels of proficiency from the beginning level to the advanced level.

Target Audience

The program is designed for those who are learning Arabic as a foreign language. The aim is to develop an ability to use the language effectively for practical communication. The course is based on the linked language skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, and these are built on as learners’ progress through their studies.

The program also aims to offer insights into the culture of countries where Arabic is spoken, thus encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and towards speakers of other languages.

What you'll learn

The training outcomes of this training program will vary based on the starting level of the trainee however for those who are starting from scratch you can expect to be able to:

  • Provide and obtain everyday life information.
  • Write basic declarative sentences in Arabic.
  • Read and identify easy and isolated words.
  • Build simple sentences.
  • Engage in familiar conversations on general topics, like greetings, compliments, requests, simple replies, the weather conditions, etc.
  • Develop an understanding of the social life and cultures in Yemen and the Arab World.


The outline of this course is as follows:

  • Starting with students from the beginning in learning Arabic language.
  • Teaching Fusha (Standard) or dialect Arabic.
  • Concentrating in all language skills as listening, reading, speaking and writing.
  • Assisting the students in realizing their full potential.

Trainer Profile:

Maha Qasem is an Arabic teacher with experience of more than 18 years. Maha has taught a wide variety of foreign trainees with a wide range of culture backgrounds, nationalities and age groups. These trainees were associated with, but not limited to, the following organizations: YLNG, Jana Hunt, GTZ, EU, Yemen Centre for Arab Studies, etc.

  • Length
    Individual and Group Sessions based on an agreed-upon schedule.
  • Fees
    Contact us for details
  • Subject
    Communication Skills
  • Location
    Sana'a, Yemen
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Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers
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