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Proposal Writing
Learn how to improve the quality of the proposals your organization is developing.
About this course

Proposal writing requires not only strong writing skills but also project management knowledge and experience. Many people under-estimate the expertise and maturity of senior proposal evaluators when they write their proposals. If the proposal does not provide a logical well-supported argument, donors are unlikely to be convinced with it, and could deny the organization the support opportunity.

From this standpoint, it is important to highlight not only the language skills required to better secure the opportunity, but also the depth of the subject matter and the knowledge of proposal writer of the project for which funding is required. 

Course Language :

Explanation/lecture in Arabic and materials in English

Target Audience

This is an essential training for the Project managers, proposal writing specialist and the staff who take the responsibilities of pursuing donors.

What you'll learn
  • Sensitize staff to the requirements to make grant proposals successful;
  • Understand the standpoint of evaluators and managers any specific criteria that might be common given the nature of the grant;
  • Comment to trainees and give them feedback on specific proposal exercises, common mistakes, and the like, with some specific guidance on how to improve their specific writing skills, including but not limited to logic, coherence of ideas, and cohesion.


The outline of this course is as follows:

  • Common terms & definitions
  • Components of grant proposal
  • Elements of effective grant and proposal writing
  • Problem tree and solution tree model
  • What to consider before, at the time, and after writing your draft proposal
  • Linking the proposal to your organization’s objectives
  • Learning more about the project cycle & logical chain
  • Understanding sequence of impact level (various models to measure sequence)
  • Theory of Change and Logical Framework
  • Contents of project proposal
  • Steps to complete a project proposal
  • How proposals are being evaluated/considered
  • Monitoring & evaluation requirements 
  • Data collection and presentation

Trainer Profile:

The Trainer is a professional communicator, with over 20 years of experience in various areas of management. He has helped non-profit organizations develop their strategies and plans in a manner that can be measured. He has conducted various trainings on communications and other management topics, including training of trainers.

Trainer has personally led a major internal organizational development and change management program at an international oil and gas company in 2009. Under the personal leadership of the company’s general manager and senior management, the program required a major re-strategizing exercise involving designing systems, procedures, schemes process re-engineering, and the like.

Deadline: Sun., Nov., 25th 2018
  • Length
    3-full days course
  • Effort
    8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Fees
    USD 400/person [This price includes two coffee breaks plus lunch].
  • Subject
  • Location
    Sana'a, Yemen
  • Start At
    Sat., Dec., 1st, 2018
  • End At
    Mon., Dec., 3th, 2018
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Proposal Writing
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