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Report Writing (RW)
Learn how to prepare reports that will match up to, and exceed, the expectations of the donors, managers and supervisors.
About this course

Report writing is one of the essential skills in today’s work environment. Well-written and constructed reports are key to making informed decisions. Many professionals and employees are expected to write concise reports, although many of them don’t have any formal training on doing so. Report writing is a skill that can be learned. This Report writing training covers the stages from planning and structuring to writing and presenting. It will help you become more confident when handling the task of writing reports for your organization.

Target Audience:
This training course is designed for professionals working in the not-for-profit, public, and private sectors who are interested in improving their skills in writing professional reports. It is expected that the participants of this training have good command of English language (Vocabulary and Grammar). This training is not an English language course.

What you'll learn

•    Distinguish between different types of reports.
•    Develop a plan for writing the report.
•    Apply a clear and logical structure.
•    Present a professional report document.

The outline of this course is as follows:
Module 1: Report Writing Concepts
•    Concept and importance of report.
•    Qualities of professional report.

Module 2: Planning Your Report
The different types of reports and what they are used for:
•    Considering the purpose.
•    Considering the readers.
•    Considering the context.
•    Stages of writing report.
•    Getting a good brief.
•    Deadlines and their implications.
•    The Methods of writing report.
•    Research skills.
•    Collect information for your report.
•    Organize your information.

Module 3: Structuring Your Report
•    Structuring for success (logical flow).
•    Organizing ideas.
•    Planning the content.
•    Titles, sub-headings and numbering systems.
•    Templates for reports.

Module 4: Writing Style and Language
•    Getting the right style and tone.
•    Using plain English.
•    Getting rid of jargon.
•    Revising your report.
•    Editing.
Module 5: Design and Layout

•    Dealing with technical or specialist information.
•    Producing effective lists.
•    Using visual aids and examples (graphics, illustrations and photos).
•    Giving and receiving feedback.

Module 6: Finishing Techniques
•    Professional presentation.
•    Using a consistent format, style and layout.
•    Writing an executive summary.

  • Length
    3 Full-Days
  • Effort
    8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Fees
  • Level
  • Subject
    Project Management
  • Location
    Sana'a Governorate
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Report Writing (RW)
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