Human Resource Management (HRM) Fundamentals Closed
Human Resource Management (HRM) Fundamentals
Learn what the main roles & responsibilities of the human resource professional in the entry & mid level positions are.
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“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” - Jim Collins This course will assist you in developing your skills and progress as an HR person. Based on the PHRi certification preparation material of the SHRM learning system, this training course introduces the main roles & responsibilities of the human resource professional in the entry & mid level positions. Key functions such as administration, recruitment & selection, employee relations & communication, compensation & benefits, training & development, and HSS are examined.
Target Audience
This training is essential for Junior HR staff seeking to continue their professional development and advance their career. It is designed for the Trainee,Assistant, and Coordinator levels and other positions responsible for the admin work and Recruiting, training & development coordination in the department.

What you'll learn

1. Be able to understand the main areas covered in the PHRi certification.
2. Improve your skills for planning & organizing
3. Increase your knowledge of the organizational policies & procedures
4. Have a deeper understanding of the recruiting process, its methods , and recruiting metrics.
5. Be able to handle conflicts and behavioral issues in the workplace.
6. Have different techniques to encourage and keep employees.
7. Increase your knowledge of the compensation & benefits strategy.
8. Understand the training & learning methods and preparing the training needs assessment.
9. Be able to employ the different Performance management methods
10. Recognize the HR role in the Health, Safety, & Security concepts.
The outline of this course is as follows:
Module 1: HR Administration
- Gathering, measuring and reporting HR Data
- Workforce Planning and Employment Strategies
- Organizational Policies, Procedures and Regulations
Module 2: Recruitment & Selection
- Workforce Planning and Staffing
- Job Analysis and Documentation
Module 3: Recruitment & Selection
- Recruitment
- Selection
- Recruitment Metrics
Module 4: Employee Relations & Communication
- Communication in the Workplace
- Creating a positive Work Environment
- Managing Employee Behavior Issues
Module 5: Compensation & Benefits
- Total Rewards
Module 6: Training & Development
- Training
- Performance Management
Module 7: Health, Safety & Security
- Health, Safety and Security

Trainer Profile:

The trainer has experience in various aspects related to the scope of this training as follows:

  • Training experience:
  • Certified Trainer by the Int`l Training and Development Academy (The British Training & Development Academy)
  • Certified Trainer in Global Thinking Techniques (COR, TRIZ, SCAMPER)          
  • Certificate TOT in the Governance
  • HRM experience:
  • Director of HR, in Islamic Bank
  • Director of HR, in an international group–Commercial Division
  • Head of HR Section, in an international Group – Commercial Division       
  • Experienced Trainer in HR and General administrative programs  
  • Length
    3 Full-Days
  • Effort
    8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Fees
  • Level
  • Subject
    Human Resource Management
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Human Resource Management (HRM) Fundamentals
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