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Monitoring and Evaluation M&E Fundamentals
Learn how to monitor the development project and evaluate them.
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Organizations today are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the success and efficiency of their implemented programmes and projects. Organizations supervising programmes and projects, such as UN organizations and other donors, are demanding more standards and criteria that show progress accomplished by implementing organizations compared to set objectives of programmes and projects. M&E tools are important result based management functions that help organizations enhance the effectiveness of their project. They are also important because they enable Stakeholders of the Organization to make informed decisions that will allow them to achieve their development goals.

Target Audience:
The Monitoring & Evaluation training is relevant to people involved in project or program development, and also for people involved in implementing M&E systems. The Training will teach you how to effectively use modern M&E tools to deliver insights and valuable information to your organization and stakeholders. This training will be most useful to all those interested in building a career in Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as those who are working in Monitoring and Evaluation with no previous professional training.
This training is not for professional ME experts with in depth knowledge on the subject.

What you'll learn

•  Understand the concepts of M&E in Development.
•  Understand the importance of M&E in driving and improving performance in development programmes and projects.
•  Know how to measure results based on set standards,criteria and indicators for implemented programes and projects.
•  Understand how to implement M&E processes using practical tools and systems.


The outline of this course is as follows:

Day One                                                   

  • Training Needs Assessment and Pre-evaluation.                                  

  • Workshop frame of reference.

  • The concept of M&E and Importance of M&E.                                   

  • Introduction to Logic Framework/Theory of Change.

  • Purpose and Scope of M&E Systems.

  • Steps of Creating an M&E Plan.

Day Two

  • Setting Indicators SMART. 

  • Types of Indicators.

  • Templates and Samples of Relevant Indicators.                       

  • Steps on Developing and Using Indicators.

  • Data Collection and Management Plan.                                           

  • Methodologies and Tools.

  • Data Quality.

Day Three

  • Data Analysis Tools.

  • Preparing M&E Reports.

  • General Discussion & Training Post-evaluation.

  • Length
    3 Full-Days
  • Effort
    8:45 am - 4:00 pm
  • Fees
  • Subject
    Project Management
  • Location
    Sana'a Governorate
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Monitoring and Evaluation M&E Fundamentals
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