Nahj Training

NAHJ is positioning itself at the higher end of the training quality spectrum in Yemen by offering relevant and valuable training courses delivered by competent and highly experienced trainers all within a professional and conducive environment. We believe that a result-oriented training is the right approach for the people we train. Our methods guarantee effective results for our trainees because we bring trainers from the field and build on their experiences to transfer knowledge. Our courses are built to provide you with the best practices that could save you months of research and practice to attain otherwise. Our trainers are experts in their fields who have combined extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge. We are confident that you will find these programs valuable and rewarding. We look forward to partnering with you in your development efforts

NAHJ Training is one the services provided by NAHJ Consulting. For full list of services provided by NAHJ Consulting, please check our main website here: www.nahj.co


NAHJ Training is currently offering the following training services:

  • Professional Development Trainings (Short Courses):

    We are offering a wide range of 1-full day courses. These courses offer organization the flexibility to develop the skills of their staff with no major interruption to their daily operations or burden on their Finances. The One-Day trainings are usually offered on Thursdays. They offer high-value for the money opportunity to develop specific skills.

  • Career Development Courses: (Medium-Long Courses)

    Our One-Week and longer Courses are designed to substantially improve career progress of your Staff. These trainings are provided by some of the most qualified professionals at the regional and international level.

  • Customized Courses and Consultancy Services:

    Some of our clients have specific development needs that are not satisfied with prepackaged training offers. These clients are interested in a set of skills that is specific for their business model. We work with these clients to better define their needs and develop specific trainings that bring real value to meet the challenges they face. We also work with organizations to develop career development plans for their employees and in developing ways that these companies can better engage with their staff to create a highly functional organization.

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